Proud to present our exclusive exhibition 

Love, Kadishman

For over 30 years our gallery located in the heart of Tel Aviv has been collecting the Artworks of the most famous Tel Aviv artist - Menashe Kadishman. 

For the upcoming Holidays and with Israel still closed for visitors who love Kadishman's works, we have curated from collectors in Israel, original "Sheep Head" paintings.

Most of these works are signed in the back by the artist with the word "Love"  and an additional drawing of a kissing sheep couple.


Kadishman has always questioned established ideals and materials, and chooses to follow his own whimsical impulses in his works. Through his works, he not only expresses his attachment to nature, but also his love of life. In 1995, Menashe Kadishman started to paint sheep heads. Driven by a passion for nature and with admirable energy, he created more than one thousand different sheep portraits over two years. 


The first major appearance of the sheep in his work was at the 1978 Venice Biennale, an international biennial convention of contemporary art. There he presented an actual flock of sheep and himself as shepherd, like a living sculpture. Each exhibition is unique to the host country as the work is installed to suit the surroundings of the venue